Jerry Sigua

Direct Flash vs Flip-it! In a Gym with No Ceiling

A comparison Test by Jerry Sigua of Jerry Sigua Photography in Roseville, California

The ideal situation for lighting with a flash and a Flip-it! is a room with a bounce-able ceiling where you get two light sources, off the ceiling and off the Flip-it! A question we hear all the time is, “What if there is no ceiling to bounce? Does the Flip-it really make a difference?” Let’s check out Jerry’s test.

The direct flash examples have the typical flat, cut-out look and sharp shadows of flash lighting without modification. The Flip-it! examples give a round modeled look to the body and facial features, softer shadows, and a natural balance of density between the subjects and background of the photos.

“I used ISO 800, F4, shutter speed at 250, manual mode, auto white balance. Lens used was a Canon 70-200/2.8 non-IS. Body was a Canon Mark3 and flash was a 580EX1. Flash was on-camera and in ETTL mode, full power. I had the reflector angled towards the subject at around 70 degrees.” Jerry Sigua

Jerry Sigua: Wrestling images using direct flashJerry Sigua: Wrestling photography using the Demb Flip-it!

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