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 I used my ‘flipit’ today for the first time. Result a great set of flash pictures. All the shots had to taken inside the building, a 13th. Century Mansion in the Kent countryside. Not one failure, the guy for whom I was ‘shooting’, wanted to know my secret. Regards, Alan White, UK

EXCELLENT, I love the fricken thing. Sam Stern, USA

Joe…I purchased a Big Flip-It for my Sunpak 544 flash…these were taken in my daughters dorm at school. The room was about 18X20 feet (possibly larger) with a 12 foot white ceiling. I am very pleased with the results. What I really like is that even with a room this large the Flip -It out performs the Stofen diffuser that I replaced hands down. Mark Isenberg, Wallingford CT

Joe, I wanted to thank you for expediting this. I and my wife used ours on Saturday night and they were great. She wanted it primarily because she couldn’t handle the weight of the bracket and flash and camera. I love the catch-lites it produces, too! Michael T. Hooks

If only all inventors were as open minded as yourself everything would be improving continuously! Cheers, Gordon McComiskie, Australia

Yours is better! I’ve been using Gary Fong’s strange device with great satisfaction. This is as good and probably better without the weirdness of that white globe! Thanks! Bruce Giffin Still Photography

Beautiful lighting! I will keep in touch and appreciate your Email. Ich danke auch sehr. Timur Oezer, Germany

The first few portraits of my daughter look great Jim Harrington, MA

I’ve been experimenting with the flip-it for a few days now. I like it better than several other things I spent money on. Rich Liotta

I love this gadget and I would like to understand it better. Thanks, Carl Lindenman

45 degrees towards me was perfect and resulted in soft, even lighting with no shadows…
Thanks for a great product! Chad Moss

Great advice; thank you. I’ve been learning that as I go along, also – and also reading on DWF. LOVE the product; LOVE not having to use a bracket!! Regards, Berit Bizjak

Just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the performance of my Flip-it. I used it for a wedding back in December and got VERY natural looking flash pictures. I would say they are the best possible with a single source of flash either on a camera or on a bracket. I especially like the butterfly shadows. I also like the fact that the shadows cast by the subject fall at a steeper angle behind them so they are less likely to detract from the profile of the subject. I did find that pulling the reflector back from 45 degrees in some flashes did indeed work better. I will continue to experiment. Only one person, a friend (!), asked what the “Ninja thing” was on my camera, referring to the flash. He knows almost nothing about photography so I just laughed. Otherwise no one said a thing. My client is delighted with the photographs. Thanks, Paul Jones

I’m a real believer in doing the minimum needed to get the best result so this hit home. I’m really happy with the results from this simple but very effective tool, I’ve got some of my best portraits ever since using it. I don’t have it on the flash all the time but I make sure it’s there when I need to get the best image possible. Cheers, Mark Hickman

I have been using this for a while now works great. Charlie Vandersluys, Canada

I am very pleased with this product. I also have Gary Fong’s Lightsphere and I like the Flip-it a lot better. It is a lot more compact takes up almost no space at all. Does not fall off my flash, and I like the idea of being able to control the light with the Flip-it. James McFarland

After reading ALL the posts in the Flip-It forum and seeing all the photo examples both here and on your website, I can say I am impressed! What I really liked was the quality of the light I got WITH OUT the need of using a flash bracket and rotation device. That’s when I knew I had to order one from you. I may just retire my flash brackets now. I know I can retire my Lumiquest reflectors! Michael Marquis

Joe, I just did my first wedding, post flip it purchase, and GOOD GRIEF- I love this thing! EVERYONE GET IN HERE AND BUY ONE NOW!!! You will LOOOOOOVE your flip it. I can’t imagine being without it and will probably end up purchasing one for every camera plus 1-2 backups. I love it THAT much. Kristi Gay

I am a dedicated user of Joe Demb’s Flip-its. I have used these things for products, portraits, family, group, etc, etc. One flash, two or three. I can hardly believe how well it works. Ravijev Khalsa

The Flip-It is awesome…. I recommend it to everyone! Diana Hrdina

Flip-It Rules 😉 Kingsley, South Africa

Thanks for a great product!!! No muss, no fuss… Phil Bettencourt

I love my little Flip-it I have tried soooooo many different flash adapters and yours works the best, and is nice and handy. Ursula von Batemberg

Hello Joe, I received the flip-it and I’m very pleased with the photos made using it. Thank you again. Jim Harrington

We use the flip-it for EVERY photograph we take We can’t thank you enough for creating the flip-it! We could not imagine ever shooting a wedding with out it. We tell all our fellow photographers about it, and encourage all them to try it! We honestly don’t know what we would do with out our Flip-its!!! Killian Person Photography

THANKS for inventing something that all photographers need. I just got my Flip-it Jr., and it is great, but I am sure you get emails like this all yea long. Jerry Jinks

I am lovin’ my Flip-it!. First real gig I used it on was on a party for the Attorney General and a US Senator from Colorado. Flip-it worked like a pro. Neil Copeland, Lula GA

I want to say that the Flip-it is one of the best gadgets to come along. It comes through with great results & helps the picture every time. Michelle Heron, Moonstone ON

Great job with that great little product. Brandon Pittam, Philadelphia

Yeah, I just got the LSII also. I love the Flip-it because it is so much smaller. Sarah Murphy, WI

The images really do look good. I think this could become second nature, real easy to do. You just got yourself a very good product here. Ray Gonzales, Midland, TX

I own 3 or 4 Flip-its and I would never shoot indoors again without it. Indispensable? You would have to tear it from my cold dead hands to take it away from me. I can light the room and still have good smooth light on my subject. This is especially important with digital capture. I even shoot it with a 17mm lens and get good smooth coverage. Thanks for making a great product, Joe! You were recommended to my by Hanson Fong, and I’ve passed on the recommendation to lots of other shooters. Jeff Carsten, Southern Light Photography

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