Saucer Flip-it!

Saucer Flip-it!

Universal fit for all hot-shoe flashes, including Nikon SB400

Saucer features



The Saucer Flip-it! features a bowl-shaped design which spreads the light efficiently on the reflector. Universal size for both small and large flashes.

  • 5 1/2 ” x 5″ reflector panel
  • Hinge holds position
  • 1.25 ounces
  • Pop the top to form the ‘dish’
  • No-glue stretch band
  • Universal fit for all hot-shoe flashes, including Nikon SB400

$34.95 at B&H Photo or Amazon

For more information:

The Demb Saucer Flip-it! uses an advanced ‘dish’ design that allows you to instantly get the best flash results for both ceiling and non-ceiling situations.

The pop-top raises and spreads the flash reflection. Take a look at the illustration below of the flash reflection pattern to see how efficiently it reflects light. The main burst of the flash is divided between the bottom and top of the dish simultaneously.

The Saucer is made of tough high-density polyethylene. It is incredibly light and folds flat for packing. It attaches instantly to your flash with the Demb Velstretch strap, which requires no messy adhesive.

The Saucer mounts on either the side or back of your flash AND uses the Demb hinge, which holds your position for full forward bounce flash, very delicate fill, or anything in-between.

Can you use it as a FLAT reflector?
Yes. Just flatten the reflector and use it that way, if you like.

Can you use it with the Demb Front Diffuser?
Yes. The front diffuser goes right on the Velstretch strap.

Saucer power position


Non-ceiling situations: Set the Saucer forward and blast both the top and bottom sections for forward flash.



Saucer in skim position


Ceiling situations: Set the Saucer back to skim the top only, for an elevated delicate fill light of the ceiling bounce.



Print instructions for using the Saucer Flip-it!

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