Portrait Dish

This product has been discontinued

Demb Portrait Dish - open for use, folded for packing

Use the Portrait Dish for:
School portraits * Bridal portraits * PR portraits * Family portraits
Children’s portraits * Seniors portraits * Executive portraits

  • For main light or fill light
  • 3.75 ounces
  • Folds flat to 5” x 13” for packing
  • Opens out to 13” x 13”
  • Snap-up hood projects the light forward
  • Slips on your hot shoe flash

This products has been discontinued

For more information:

 Photographers still drag umbrella set-ups and soft-boxes to location shoots. Why?

In your studio, big lighting units certainly produce the ultimate in lighting, and I wouldn’t suggest that they be replaced.

On location, I asked myself:

  • Could I come up with a reflector to turn your flash into a portrait light?
  • Could I make it light, fast and easy to use, AND pack in your camera bag?
  • Most important, could it give you results that really look like portrait lighting?

Three portraits using the Demb Portrait Dish

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