Demb Pop-Up Portrait Kit

A kit that allows you to produce portraits with your pop-up flash


Demb Pop-Up Portrait Kit


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Do you have a DSLR or mirror-less camera with a pop-up flash?  How would you like to leave your bulky hot-shoe flash at home and go to a family event with just your camera. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, that just leaves me with the pop-up flash on my camera, and we all know what that means: harsh light, ugly shadows and red-eye“.

But wait! I say you can get beautiful portrait lighting from that flash with the Demb Portrait Kit.  It’s easy and fun  The first time you leave that bulky hot-shoe flash home, and forget about having to check its batteries, you will almost feel like you are cheating.

And the results? Please check out these examples. All I used was a consumer grade camera and a Pop-up Portrait Kit.

Young Couple


Young man with dog Grandma

Mother and Baby

Boy with baby

Please don’t confuse the kit with the dozens of diffuser products that just put screening material in front of a pop-up flash. These just soften the same flat frontal light and ugly background shadows a little. But portrait lighting? Not a chance. If you have purchased one, you know this to be true. The Portrait Kit works! Here’s why.

The two ingredients of portrait lighting are a strong directional off-camera main light combined with a weaker fill light, usually from the camera position. The kit uses a small mirror mounted at an angle to simultaneously send most of the flash to the ceiling (your main light), plus a little flash back to a white reflector for fill. It’s portrait lighting you can bring in your shirt pocket.

Mounting the Kit is a breeze. Just insert a tab into your hot shoe, slip the mirror in front of your flash, and it’s on and ready to shoot. Suggested settings are camera on M, flash comp of +1, exposure comp of +1.7, ISO of 800 – 2000. Suggested f-stop is f5.6 at your highest sync speed. Shoot in a room with a normal height white ceiling for best results.

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