Flip-it! Flash Reflectors

The Variable-angle Flip-it! Flash Reflector

Classic Flip-it! Photojournalist Flip-it! Flip-it! 400
Classic Flip-it! Photojournalist Flip-it! Flip-it! 400
  Saucer Flip-it!  
  Saucer Flip-it!  

My variable flash reflector will turn the harsh shadows of ordinary flash photography into portrait-like lighting. They attach with a stretch Velcro strap that does not require you to stick Velcro on your flash. The strap will fit all models of flash (except bowl flashes) from the smallest up to handle-mount. There is a special version for the bowl flash. The heavy-duty hinge holds the Flip-it! reflector panel in any position.

I have designed different sizes and shapes to fit your tastes. All work the same way: the flash is pointed straight up, and different effects are created by adjusting the angle of the reflector. To help you choose, you may want to cut out a piece of paper the size of the reflector you are considering. Please email me for specific questions. The Saucer is a crossover product for everything from the SB 400 up to large flashes. For more specific comparisons, please see the individual product pages.

For more information about the Big, Classic and Mega Flip-it!:

Bride with rosesSee bridal photos by wedding photographer and long-time Flip-it! user, Russ Butner.

“I would never dream of shooting a wedding or event, without my Demb Flip-It. It is by far, the best of the portable light modifying devices on the market.”

 Smart photography with Flip-it! - Meryl Streep candidStylish photography with Flip-it! - Cate Blanchette at Babel Opening, SydneySoft photography with Flip-it! - young babyStrong photography with Flip-it! - Boxer Wayne ElcockNear-studio lighting with Flip-it! - Bride in front of windowSuper candids with Flip-it! - Young boy in superman costume

Photo credits:

  • Meryl Streep candid by John Heymann, John Heymann Photography
  • Cate Blanchette by Gordon McComiskie, Creative FX Productions, Babel Premiere in Sydney.
  • Wayne Elcock (Boxer) by Geoff Roughton, The Captured Image
  • Soft Baby by Rob Mulligan, Amityville NY
  • Bride and Superboy by Joe Demb Photography

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