Flip-it! 400

Flip-it! 400 Flash Reflector
The Flip-it! 400 is held on the top of your SB-400 with a stretch Velcro strap. Folds back flat for storage on your flash or in your pocket or purse. This product is available only through B&H Photo Video.

$24.95 at B&H Photo

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Pictures on the left are with direct flash and on the right are with the Flip-it! 400.

Young girl comparing with and withouth Flip-it! 400Young boy comparing with and withouth Flip-it! 400 - second example

Flip-it! 400 is designed to greatly increase the lighting quality from your Nikon SB400 flash for horizontal photographs in rooms with normal white ceilings. Red-eye problems are decreased, skin tones are smoother and shadows are softer. Always use the 90 degree up flash position.

Because it allows you to bounce the light off the ceiling and the Flip-it! simultaneously, you get two light sources from one flash. By changing the angle of the reflector on the hinge, you may control the power of the two light sources with respect to each other. Just a little experimentation will allow you get the light that pleases you the most in each photo situation.

The reflector is adjustable for softness and power. For close-up portraits and candids, try the reflector tipped slightly back toward yourself, so the flash barely skims the surface. As you tip the reflector forward in very small amounts, the amount of front lighting increases with respect to the top lighting off the ceiling.

Flip-it! 400 showing 3 different positions of the reflectorFor outdoor photos of close subjects, try using your Flip-it! 400 for more natural fill lighting in back-lit situations.

Baby without and with outdoor fill flashWith this example, I first established the exposure of the background with no flash. Then I added light from my SB400 flash and Flip-it! 400 so that the exposure on the subject would match the exposure that I previously established for the background. 

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