Single-Flash Portrait

Single-Flash Indoor Portraits

Demb Flip-it! and Demb Flash Diffusers allow you to get single-flash portrait lighting from your hot shoe flash in a room with a white ceiling. The light that bounces off the ceiling provides the main light, while the light from your Demb modifier provides the fill light.

  • Kids at home
  • Brides at home or at a hotel suite
  • Informal office or public relation portraits

Choose a room with a white ceiling of normal height. Mount your Flip-it! or Demb Flash Diffuser on the edge of your flash rather than the back. Aim the flash 45° off to the side. Recommended positions:

Reflector alone, slightly backReflector alone, slightly back of vertical so the flash is barely skimming the reflector.

Diffuser alone, slightly forwardDiffuser alone, tipped forward.

Both together, forming a "Y"Both together, forming a “Y”.

Experiment and see what gives you the best results.

Here are some examples of single-flash portraits:

Black & white of model - Tony Thian, photographerSepia of boxer - Geoff Roughton, photographer

young boy - Joe Demb, photographerBride and groom - Cheah Keng Woo, photographer

Toddler girl - Joe Demb, photographer

Bar Mitzvah boy - Joe Demb, photographerBlonde model - Mike Craven, photographer

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