Pop-up Studio Effects

Demb Pop-up Flip-it! Flash Reflector
Creating Studio Effects

Studio type lighting may be achieved by bouncing the flash from the mirror off other reflectors. These may be inexpensive reflective surfaces such as sheets of white mat board clipped to light stands or set on chairs, or reflectors held in your left hand, such as strobe umbrellas, small photo reflectors, or even pieces of white cardboard or mailing envelopes. With a little practice, your results may be very close to those from a soft box, but at almost no cost. Home portraits or location portraits can be lit instantly with very little gear. Here are a few examples:

Woman using directional short lightingDirectional short lighting

For this shot, the camera with Pop-up Flip-it! (rear reflector in “off” position) was hand held one-handed in the hand-on-top vertical position. This let me bounce the flash to my left off a sheet of white mat board, which was clipped to a light stand. A second white board was placed to the right of the subject, to fill the shadows. The result is a highly directional “short” lighting.

Girl using beauty lightingBeauty lighting

In this  example, I wanted to create beauty lighting, with both the main light and fill lined up vertically on the subject. I held the camera with Pop-up Flip-it! horizontal one-handed. The reflector was a white bubble-pack mailing envelope, which I held vertically on top of my head. The fill light was provided by a second envelope which the subject held under her chin. The horizontal frame was cropped for the final vertical version.

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