Flip-it! Weddings

Using Flip-it! in Wedding Photography

Unlike other flash modifiers that produce the same effect over and over, Flip-it allows you to choose the light you need for every shot category and condition during a wedding.

Here are some examples of basic lighting choices with Flip-it! in wedding photography. Notice that two of them have the reflector turned off. Being able to always use the flash without removing the modifier is extremely important. The idea is to keep the Flip-it! on during the whole job. Although two positions of the reflector bounce are illustrated, you may choose these or any in-between variation, depending on the light and shadow you require. Slightly back, straight up, feathered forward, full forward– all may produce an endless variety of different light specularity and shadow patterns.

These examples were taken in actual wedding situations using an ISO of 400 at f5.6.

Medium-distance shot, Flip-it! angled forwardFlip-it! reflector angled forward for outdoor fill farther awayReflector forward position for medium-range shots.

Close-up photographed bouncing light off the ceilingFlip-it! angled straight up for close-up outdoor fillReflector up position for close-up shots allows the light to bounce off the ceiling and off the reflector panel simultaneously.

Direct flash of couple walking down the aisleReflector out of the way for direct flashReflector swings completely out of the way when you need direct flash.

Food photographed using ceiling bounce onlyFlip-it! reflector swung out of the way for ceiling bounceReflector swings completely out of the way when you want ceiling bounce only.

Bride and groom photographed with outdoor fillFlip-it! reflector angled forward for outdoor fill farther awayNatural-looking outdoor fill: these reflector positions may be used to create outdoor fill light at different distances.

Bride and groom close-up photographed with outdoor fillFlip-it! angled straight up for close-up outdoor fill

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