Flip-it! Users Gallery

Flip-it! Users Gallery

See how Estonian photographer, Anton Klink uses his Flip-it! for party photography.

See how Washington, D.C. photographer Chris Burch uses Flip-it! for his candid photography.

See how California photograher Alan Chen uses Flip-it! to create natural-looking lighting in his wedding photography. Go to his website and click on “Wedding Portfolio”.

Here are some examples of pictures taken by Flip-it! users. Please email examples for inclusion to

Ron Oresteen portraitSuperGirl by Woody DelpJames Hodgins wedding photoPhoto by Elijah age 4bill-heislerMike Craven portraitRavitej Khalsa portriatBlynn Stevens portraitKriss Gay portraitMichael Marquis group portraitMichael Marquis portraitTheresa Johnson bridal portraitPhil Bettnecourt portraitSam Stern family portraitperson-killian1Person-Killian wedding photoJohn Downunder animal photo

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