Flip-it! and Demb Flash Diffuser Accessories

Modular design allows you to replace or switch reflector panels, add a corrective filter holder or add additional reflector panels.

Demb Flip-it! and Demb Flash Diffuser Replacement PanelsSeparate Reflector Panels

Flip-it! and Demb Flash Diffuser are made with modular design. Reflector panels may be purchased separately as spares or replacements. Attach to the base with Velcro.

Regular: $5.00

Order separate Regular reflector panels
Mega panel has been discontinued

Clear Diffuser Section for the Flip-it! or Demb Flash DiffuserClear Diffuser Section

The clear diffuser section velcros onto the base strap. Its softness and power may be changed by changing the angle on the strap, frontwards or backwards. Purchase separately as a spare for your Demb Flash Diffuser or to convert your Flip-it! to a Demb Flash Diffuser.


Order a clear diffuser section

Accessories: Demb Filter HolderFilter Holder

The filter holder is a soft clear vinyl sleeve that holds inexpensive gel correction or color accent filters. It comes with one tungsten and one fluorescent filter. Other gel colors may be purchased at your local theater supply company or online.


Filter holder use and positions$7.50

Order a filter holder

Replacement Parts for Old-Style Diffusers and Flip-it!s

Replacement Reflector Panel for older productsClassic Replacement Panel

4 x 4 1/4 ” reflector with screws and nuts for attaching to an older product. Replacement panels for the Flip-it! Jr. may be ordered above. Instructions for replacing a panel.


Order separate reflector panel

Strap Conversion KitStrap Conversion Kit

For users of the old-style strap, the strap conversion kit allows you to replace a worn strap with the new soft-stretch strap. The conversion takes only 5 minutes. Instructions are included.


Order strap conversion kit

Set of 3 strapsSet of 3 Straps

To replace velstretch straps that have become frayed. Instructions are included.


Order Set of 3 Straps

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