Demb Flash Products: What a Difference!

Image of toddler showing the difference between the Demb Flip-it! and Direct Flash

Direct flash makes the little girl’s face look very flat. The shadows are dense and abrupt. The Demb flip-it! makes those problems go away. Let me help you create photographs that look like portraits, not snapshots.

How It Works

Big Flip-it!

Instead of pointing your flash forward, tilt it straight up to the bounce position and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. The modifier slips on the top of your flash as shown in the illustration.

Typical settings for different situations, both indoors and outdoors are shown here.

Different Sizes

All Demb modifiers work by the same principle. You may choose the size and shape that you feel best fits your camera and flash.

Classic Flip-it! Photojournalist Flip-it! Flip-it! 400
Classic Flip-it! Photojournalist Flip-it! Flip-it! 400
  Saucer Flip-it!  
  Saucer Flip-it!  

Products may also be purchased from B&H Photo Logo in New York.

The Classic Flip-it! and Saucer Flip-it! may be purchased through Amazon.com.

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