Pop-up Flip-it!

Modifiers for the pop-up flash on your camera

Deluxe for Nikon, Canon, Pentax K5, Fuji HS-30 DSLRs
Basic for all DSLRs plus Sony NEX3-N and Sony NEX5-N

Pop-up Flip-it! Basic and Pop-up Flip-it! Deluxe

Feature Basic Deluxe
Acrylic mirror:
Reflector size:
2 1/4 ” x 2″
3 1/4″ x 3″
Stamped polyethylene
Nylon friction hinge
Folds down for direct flash:
Base locks in hot shoe:
0.4 oz.
0.8 oz.
Fits Olympus DSLR,
Sony NEX3-N, NEX5-N:
See video of installation:

Photo Tips Online Review: “To conclude, Demb Pop-up Flip-it! is a great way to improve pictures while using the built-in pop-up flash of your camera. You can fine-tune your lighting to achieve different results and/or to cope with the shooting conditions (ceiling height, for example). The build quality of the diffuser is good, and the variable angle concept has been proven by other Flip-it! units used in the world of professional photography. In short, Demb Pop-up Flip-it! is the best pop-up flash light modifier we’ve seen to the day.” Read the full review.

How it works:

A front mirror shoots the flash both up to the ceiling and back to the rear reflector. Change the reflector angle and you can get:

  • ceiling bounce
  • reflector bounce
  • both together in any ratio

For more information:

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Please examine the sample photos taken with the Pop-up Flip-it! and see how beautiful the lighting from you pop-up flash can be.

Comparison between pop up flash and Pop-up Flip-it

Just try my Pop-up Flip-it! and you’ll be hooked! Keep it on your camera and you will always be ready for great candids and informal portraits of kids, family, and friends. Instead of worrying about attaching a separate flash, having charged batteries and turning on a second thing, just turn on your camera and shoot. It’s instant fun! The time people used to spend waiting for you to get ready will now be picture time.

Outdoor fill flash:

The Pop-up Flip-it! can be very helpful as a natural-looking fill flash in outdoor portraits with too much top light. Watch the raccoon eyes disappear.

outdoor-comp-example sue-outdoor-comp

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