Bracket - $99.95

Demb Flash Bracket

for all sizes of digital SLRs, including tall cameras and
regular cameras with a battery grip
* NOTE: works fine with Sony Alpha DSLR but not with Sony Vertical Grip

Made for use with flash modifiers such as:

Demb Flash Bracket alone and on camera

Why a bracket?

Two test vertical photos without and with the bracket

Compare these two test vertical photos. The exact same diffuser and flash were used in both shots. The test without the bracket is good -- certainly much better than direct flash. However, the photo with the flash on the bracket is clearly better. The added height makes the highlights and shadows much more attractive.

What is new and special about this one? Over my 30+ years as a photographer, I purchased several brackets. I either returned or discarded every one. They were either too flimsy or too heavy, too expensive, awkward and poorly balanced, needed an expensive 'anti-twist' plate, didn't fit my model camera, made me shoot verticals in the 'wrong' way, or were too slow.

More fun rather than less fun. I hear it over and over, brackets make photography less fun. Finally, I set out to create a product that would be really cool - one that would make photography more fun. After testing it myself on over a dozen weddings, and after having my beta testers do the same, we all agreed: this is the one we have been waiting for - a bracket for bracket haters as well as bracket lovers.


  • Sturdy
  • Under 8 oz.
  • Nice balance, even one-handed
  • Under $100
  • Fits all DSLR brands and models
  • No-twist bases for camera and flash
  • Really fast switching between horizontal and vertical
Demb Flash Bracket showing how to quickly switch from horizontal to vertical shooting

Notice that the flash modifier is centered over the lens, but the flash is aimed out at 45 degrees. This means that in a room with a normal ceiling, you will get directional 'main' light from the ceiling along with a 'fill' light off the modifier. These are the basic elements of studio portrait lighting.

Two examples of portrait-style lighting

Here are 2 examples of the flash and bracket creating portrait-style lighting.

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